North Carolina Barbecue Map

Snook’s Barbecue in Advance. This photo is off of their facebook page, I am hopeful they don’t mind me using it…

This may well be my most important contribution to society – what I think is the most comprehensive North Carolina Barbecue map around – or at least the best interactive map that’s actually usable when you are driving across the state.

It is a compilation of North Carolina BBQ joints that are listed in Bob Garner’s books, the website, and the North Carolina Barbecue Society Historic Barbecue trail website.

Each layer on the map represents joints listed in one of those sources and can be turned on and off. Those locations with a star are locations at which I have eaten. The joints are replicated on each layer with a different color (except for the Garner selections) – so you can determine the source:

  • John’s Favorites (yellow knife and fork): The places I have enjoyed the most (check out this blog post for details).
  • Bob Garner’s “Guide to North Carolina Barbecue” (2002) (red)
  • Bob Garner’s “Book of Barbecue” (2012) – only those that are not in his first book (red)
  • The Campaign for Real Barbecue website (certified wood cooking): (green). They also have “suspected” joints that cook with wood, those are in blue.
  • North Carolina Barbecue Society (NCBS) Historic Barbecue Trail: (orange)

To turn the layers on and off, click on the upper left corner of the map and click on the check boxes.

Use this link to put the map into your Google maps “my maps” .