My Top 5 North Carolina Barbecue Joints

My quest to visit all of the barbecue joints in Bob Garner’s book began before the blog era, so I have been scribbling reviews of the joints I visited in the margins of his book.  I plan on writing reviews of places I visit in the future in this blog, but to get started I’ll list a handful of my favorite places.

There’s not a lot new here, you’ll find these same places on top of most everybody’s lists.

Allen and Son’s

This is the place where I experienced my first North Carolina barbecue and I haven’t found anything better.  Still wood smoked, awesome hush puppies, and perfect ambiance – a brown concrete block building with a gravel parking lot that you’d never stop at if you didn’t know better.  Plus it’s not far from home.

Lexington #1

The home of Lexington style barbecue.  Unfortunately, I have never acquired a taste for the red cole slaw made with the Lexington dip.


Lexington style in Greensboro – wood cooked, fast, and been there forever.


Quintessential eastern style in Goldsboro on the way to beach.